Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Chickens and Pigs

We have chickens and pigs and we intend to eat at least some of them! Do you think that is gruesome? Well perhaps, but really all the meat in the shops were once chickens or pigs running around.
We have already eaten some of our own hen's eggs. The yellows are REALLY bright yellow. We will also soon be geting some spinach and carrots and onions from our garden.
It is our job to make sure that the chickens and pigs always have water and food. Some of the baby chickens are quite tame, you can touch them and play with them.
Our black hen lays an egg every day. Mom says once she goes and sits on them it will take exactly 21 days for them to hatch.
We are going to be getting some bream soon to raise and eat. Bream is the most delicious fish in the world and dad knows just how to cook them.
So what was first - the chicken or the egg? Mmmm.... we wonder...
Will Post pics of our chickens soon.
Love you all
R, C and S

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